Complete solution to remodel a second floor

If you have space problems at home, Plycem offers a quick, easy-to-install solution for you to build a second floor.

The recipe is very simple! Use the 1,2, 3 fiber cement combo from Plycem

  • Eureka fiber cement roof: forget about corrosion, annoying leaks or excess heat and noise in your home. Advanced fiber cement technology is the best alternative to install a roof on your home for life.

  • Plyrock sheets for invisible joints: offer more benefits than any imported product. Worry-free installation in outdoor applications exposed to moisture, water and the weather.

  • Mezzanine sheets: Considered one of the most sensitive and high-maintenance parts of vertical construction. Remember that people will walk on them; therefore, use Plycem’s 20, 22 or 25 mm mezzanines. And if you are looking for savings, select the tongue-and-groove presentation manufactured by our brand, the only one in the market.

Build with the latest in fiber cement technology

Lightweight construction is the most commonly used solution for building or remodeling projects of any kind. However, you may have doubts about its benefits..

We explain it in 5 simple ideas:

  • Completely lightweight, but as resistant as cement
  • Generates savings of up to 30% in the installation method
  • Not affected by moisture or water; that is, it doesn’t disintegrate
  • Adapts to any residential or commercial need
  • Impact and blow resistant

Dare to take the step to the latest in construction technology.


Summer: the best ally to make your project a reality

Cool breeze, sunny days and, why not, a renovated home, can be the ideal complement for this summer; take advantage of this period by investing in improving the aesthetics of your house.

Whether you want to change the roof, build a room or a second floor, in Plycem we want to help you and become that intelligent ally when it comes to improving your home.