Complete solution to remodel a second floor

If you have space problems at home, Plycem offers a quick, easy-to-install solution for you to build a second floor.

The recipe is very simple! Use the 1,2, 3 fiber cement combo from Plycem

  • Eureka fiber cement roof: forget about corrosion, annoying leaks or excess heat and noise in your home. Advanced fiber cement technology is the best alternative to install a roof on your home for life.

  • Plyrock sheets for invisible joints: offer more benefits than any imported product. Worry-free installation in outdoor applications exposed to moisture, water and the weather.

  • Mezzanine sheets: Considered one of the most sensitive and high-maintenance parts of vertical construction. Remember that people will walk on them; therefore, use Plycem’s 20, 22 or 25 mm mezzanines. And if you are looking for savings, select the tongue-and-groove presentation manufactured by our brand, the only one in the market.