Steel Framing

What is Steel Framing?

Steel Framing is an industrialized construction system widely used in many countries around the world, recognized for providing multiple benefits to the entire construction cycle of any residential, commercial, industrial or institutional project.

It is composed of galvanized steel structures, manufactured using modern specialized machines that cold-roll steel to size for each project; thus ensuring the optimization of materials that arrive at the site as a “Lego” style construction kit, ready to be assembled without requiring cuts.

This type of system adapts to the requirements established in the structural design phase, thus complying with the seismic codes in force in each country.

Steel Framing is considered a system that contributes directly to sustainable construction, as it does not use water in the construction process and considerably reduces the level of waste, which  is highly polluting in a project.

Plycem Construction Solution

Plycem becomes the first manufacturer of fiber cement products in Central America to incorporate a Steel Framing production line that allows them to expand their value proposition to customers, through a complete and integral solution that does not depend on the import of sheets to build the project.

The American technology incorporated in the Plycem Steel Framing machine, allows rolling structural steel of different gauges and thicknesses, in order to optimize the costs of projects of up to 4 stories, which can be built 100% with Plycem structure and fiber cement products.


Environmentally friendly
Time savings of up to 40%
Does not use water
Reduces waste
High seismic performance
Reduces the carbon footprint

Product Environmental Statements

In line with our sustainability strategy, we measure the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle in accordance with International Standard ISO-14025, to facilitate the certification processes of projects with LEED® or EDGE®.

  • Plyrock

  • Plystone

  • Siding

  • Plydeck

  • Fibrolit

  • Trims


Projects built with the Plycem Steel Framing and fiber cement building solution.