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If you have space problems at home, Plycem offers a quick, easy-to-install solution for you to build a second floor. The recipe is very simple! Use the 1,2, 3 fiber cement combo from Plycem Eureka fiber cement roof: forget about corrosion, annoying leaks or excess heat and noise in your home. Advanced fiber cement technology […]

Lightweight construction is the most commonly used solution for building or remodeling projects of any kind. However, you may have doubts about its benefits.. We explain it in 5 simple ideas: Completely lightweight, but as resistant as cement Generates savings of up to 30% in the installation method Not affected by moisture or water; that […]

Cool breeze, sunny days and, why not, a renovated home, can be the ideal complement for this summer; take advantage of this period by investing in improving the aesthetics of your house. Whether you want to change the roof, build a room or a second floor, in Plycem we want to help you and become […]